Jan 27, 2011

A Work In Progress Step 5

Step 5 Detail :
I finish by laying in the dark accents and light accents. This is when I also play a little more freely with paint thickness and try to add some nice pretty brushstrokes. In this painting I experimented with making subtle temperature shifts in the background to create and Icy feeling.

A Work In Progress Step 4

Step 4 Refine Transitions :
I normally wait a day or so to let the painting dry before I procede. When I start to paint again I begin working dark to light. I pay more careful attention to subtle value shifts, temperature changes, and edges. I try to maintain the unity of the larger shapes while establishing the subtleties of form. I want the painting to feel solid and complete.

Jan 26, 2011

A Work In Progress Step 3

Step 3 Block In Light :
When blocking in the light I concentrate on value relationships of the larger shapes. I give the least attention to form at this time. I try to create the gradation of value across the whole rather than individual parts.

A Work In Progress Step 2

Step 2 Block In Shadows :
When I am happy with the placement of my drawing I move on to painting. I paint all of the darks in large abstract shapes. My goal is to give unity to these shapes rather than concentrate on form or detail.

A Work In Progress Step 1

Step 1 Drawing :
When I start a new painting I have already drawn thumbnails and selected a size for my stretched canvas. Most of the subjects in my painting are life size . Since I have already decided the canvas size I make a simple drawing on my canvas. Proper placement helps me to create interesting shapes with the light, shadow, and negative space.

Jan 20, 2011

One Small Step

Out Of This World

With each new painting I try to make one small step forward. When I first started painting like many beginners I stressed the details. I totally missed the big picture. Early on I had trouble being selective. I felt like I had to copy what I saw. I feel this limited my ability to express myself. I realize that I can take what I see and enhance it with my vision. Now I can share the world I see not just the one that happens to be.

Jan 6, 2011


Jack 10x10 Oil

Jack and six of his friends are hanging at The Arts Depot in Abingdon, Virginia as part of a four persons show in the members gallery. The paintings will be hanging from January 6th -February 19. There will be an artists' reception from January 9th 2-4 pm.