Dec 11, 2012

In The Open

"In The Open"
oil on linen

This Autumn my wife and I visited Grand Teton National Park.  I have always loved animals so it was really exciting to get to see them on a daily basis.  While on a morning drive I came across this buck grazing in the field.  I watched him from the roadside for about fifteen minutes.  Suddenly a group of about 8 pronghorn came scurrying across the road from behind me. The buck was startled and took off through the field bounding along the way. It was a fascinating site watching him hop up and down effortlessly. He retreated off into the prairie about 30 yards. Halfway into the field I noticed he had stirred up another group of bucks hiding in the brush.  They all huddled together in a row looking out accross the field. Buck after buck I was amazed to see 10 different ones all about the same size. 

I look forward to painting more studies for some larger wildlife paintings I will compose in the near future. I will be making these studies available for sale at Daily Paintworks. You can visit my gallery to check out my works at:

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